16 April 2011

Generics in .Net Framework

Generics in .Net Framework

Used to Reduced run-time errors,The compiler cannot detect type errors when you cast
to and from the Object class.the runtime will throw an exception

Using generics allows the compiler to catch this type of bug before your program runs

Generics improves runtime Performance.

// Add a double and an int using the Obj class
Obj ob = new Obj(10.125, 2005);
Console.WriteLine((double)ob.t + (int)ob.u);

// Add a double and an int using the Gen class
Gen gb = new Gen(10.125, 2005);
Console.WriteLine(gb.t + gb.u);

If you run that code in a console application, the Obj and Gen classes produce exactly
the same results. However, the code that uses the Gen class actually works faster
because it does not require boxing and unboxing to and from the Object class.

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