29 December 2011

Web Garden in asp.net

Web Garden in asp.net
Overview of Web Garden
By default, each application pool runs with a single worker process (W3Wp.exe). We can assign multiple worker processes with a single application pool. An application pool with multiple worker processes is called a Web Garden. Many worker processes with the same application pool can sometimes provide better throughput performance and application response time. And each worker process should have its own thread and memory space.
Application Pool Creation
Web Garden (Application pool with multiple worker processes)
As Shown in the picture, in IIS Server, there may be multiple application pools and each application pool has at least a single worker process. A Web Garden should contain multiple worker processes.
There are certain restrictions in using a Web Garden with your web application. If we use Session Mode as "in proc", our application will not work correctly because the Session will be handled by a different worker process. To avoid this, we should use Session Mode as "out proc" and we can use "Session State Server" or "SQL-Server Session State".


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