26 November 2012

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C# and VB.Net :

What is Dotnet Framework?

Root namespace in dotnet framework

What is Webservice in asp.net

Base class for all classes in Dotnet framework

Asp.net Page Life cycle Overview?

Server.Transfer vs Response.Redirect

Change File creation date and time Conversion in C#

Bucket Problem in C# windows application

Session state mode in asp.net

Update Datatable in C#

Common myths in Asp.net

Windows Communication Foundation Overview

WCF and Webservices

Synclock and Lock in C#

Lamda Expression in C#

Anonymous type in C#

Extension Method in C#

String vs string in C#

Use of Using statement in C#

CalendarExtender show only years asp.net ajax control

Check Connection string is valid or not in C#

Event viewer read , write and Clear in C#

Application path in windows application in C#

Asp.net Path details - Absolute path and Relative path

Use Application Wrapper Class To Access Web.Config Values

Web application vs Web Service

End Point, Address Binding in WCF

Calling Javascript from server side in asp.net

C# and VB.net Connectivity with Query string

Debug the Windows server in Setup

C# and Vb.net Connectivity using Stored Procedure

Generics in Dotnet

Boxing and Unboxing in Dotnet

Response.redirect true vs False

Asp.net Impersonation

HTTP Status Code

Session state mode in Asp.net

Client side state management in asp.net

Page life cycle event in asp.net

Web application vs Website in Asp.net

Cloud Computing Definition

View State vs Hidden Fields in asp.net

Adding datarelation in Datatable in C#

Click the button when enter button is pressed in asp.net

Naming Convention in Asp.net

Export datatable in C# Windows application

Calculate time Difference between two dates in Asp.net

Webfarm in asp.net

Webgarden in Asp.net

When to use Generic Collection

String is Immutable in C# and Java, Use of String builder in C#

SqlBulk Copy in C#

SqlHelper Class file from Microsoft in C#

Hash table in C#

Get Multiple Value from CheckedListbox control in C#

List in C#

Session vs Caching in asp.net

Refer one asp.net page to another asp.net page

Http modules in asp.net

Http Handlers in asp.net

Get the Function name,Line number,Columnnumber of the Error in C#

What is Reflection and example

Choose the right Generic collection type in Dotnet framework

Difference between Assembly and Namespace in dotnet framework

Partial Class in C#

Why use Collections in Dotnet Framework

Move next line in multiline textbox in C#

Problem:Combobox Editable in C# Windows application and Asp.net
Partial Class in C#

Linq and XML in C#

Connection string for C# and Vb.net

Difference between typed dataset and untyped dataset in .Net framework

What are the basic differences between user controls and custom controls?



Advantages Of Visual Studio 2008

Option Explicit statement and Option Strict Statement

Difference Between Int32.Parse(), Convert.ToInt32(), and Int32.TryParse()

E-mail Validation Using REGEX



Configuration system fail to initialize in C# windows application

Single Click Selection - CheckListbox Change Property Double click to Single Click C# and VB.NET

Disable remember password option in Firefox/Internet Explorer In Code

How to Overcome multiline textbox [draggable] for mozilla firefox and Chrome Browser in asp.net

WCF vs Webservice in asp.net


Single responsibility principle in OOPS

When to use Structure?

When to use Delegates instead of Interface?

When to Use Inheritance?

Stack and Queue real time example

Composition vs Inheritance in OOPS

When to Use Abstract class

When to use Interface ?

Interface vs Abstract Class

Single ton Class with example in C#

Meaning For Dotnet First line of Code

Difference Between ASP.NET Server Controls,HTML Server Controls and HTML Intrinsic Controls


What is Mobile apps?

Difference between Sleep and Hibernate in Laptop

Cloud computing - Overview

Alternate tag for Html tag, while posting in blog

To reset IIS

Redbus Success Story

Difference between 32 bit and 64 bit Processor

Run Commands that can be used in both “Windows Operating System

Difference Style of Communication

Assertive Communication

Link with in the page in HTML

Sql Server Queries

50 new features in Sql Sever 2008

Sql Server Tips and Guidelines

SSMS Tool Pack Free Download

Sql Group by Function with Example

Normalization types with example

View in Sql Server with Example

Get all the table name in Database Sql Server

Delete all Stored Procedure in Sql Server

Varchar vs nVarchar in Sql Server

Sql Server Having Clause

Copy one table to another in Sql Server

Stored Procedure that change in Last n days

Stored Procedure that create in n days in Sql Server

Show the Stored Procedure Permission details in Sqlserver

Query to Find Seed Values, Increment Values and Current Identity Column value of a table in Sqlserver

Delete Column in Sql Server tables

Script for renaming object in Sql Server

Script for renaming table Column in Sql Server

Select and Case statement in Sql Server

Sql Server where 1=0

Sql Server where 1=1

While loop in Sql Server

Pivot and Unpivot Query in Sql Server

Display list of stored procedure using particular text in Sql Server

Find the text in Stored Procedure in Sql Server

Sql injection in Sql Server

Hierarchy ID in Sql Server

Try Catch in Sql Server

Wait for in Sql Server 2008

Trigger overview in Asp.net

Difference between Primary key and Unique Key

Different types of Database keys

Difference between sp_executesql and EXEC() in Sql Server
Microsoft SQL Server Constrains

Uses of SET XACT_ABORT in Sql Server

Dynamic Store Procedure in Sql Server

Check String is null or empty in Sql Server

Empty all table values in Sql Server

Difference between Temporary table and Global Temporary table

Trigger in Sql Server and types

Difference between Oracle and Sql Server

Difference between const and static readonly keywords C#


Introduction to Merge Statement – One Statement for INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE

Insert Multiple Rows in a single statement in Sql Server 2008



Difference between Stored procedure vs User Functions in Sql server

Difference Between SCOPE_IDENTITY and ROWCOUNT in sql server

Convert String to Datetime in Sql Server

To Find Highest Salary, nth Highest Salary, Lowest Salary, nth Lowest Salary

Coding to get nth record in sql server

Trigger example in Sql Server

PRIMARY KEY Constraints Primary key and Composite Primary key

Get only Date in Sql Server

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